SaaS Platform

Human Care Systems | Resilix

Project Info
  • Start Date: Sep 26 2019
  • Duration: 1 Year 5 Months to present
  • Role: Director of UX | Senior Software Engineer
  • Vue
  • Nuxt
  • Moleculer
  • MongoDB
  • Typescript
  • NestJS
  • Jest
  • Streamlined, refactored, and added unit test coverage to the Nuxt/Vue-based UI microservice.
  • Spearheaded all UI efforts, rallying and guiding a team of six other engineers to complete many epics of varying complexity.
  • Absorbed, optimized, and owned marketing site projects within HCS, crafting a base template project structured around atomic design principles and built with Nuxt, Vue, Typescript, Tailwind, and reinforced via unit testing by Jest.
  • Planned and built a highly coveted configurable video chat feature, integrating both Zoom, Webex, and OAuthentication into the Resilix platform.
  • Created and utilized infrastructure to allow for real-time text chat within Resilix.
  • Built out a flexible and configurable hot-key system enabled globally throughout the UI.
  • Developed a public npm package for configurably linting directory architecture to enforce naming conventions and other rules across the UI.
  • Formalized an interview process for evaluating full stack developers.
  • Owned and delivered detailed technical specifications prior to the onset of any epic involving the UI.
  • Achieved various company-wide valor awards and 3 promotions within 1.5 years.

Resilix, Human Care Systems premier SaaS product, provides pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies an all-in-one tool to elevate the patient adherence and support experience. As Director of UX and Senior Software Engineer, I led a team of six others through many sprint-based epics, championing new feature development as well as optimization efforts enhancing application performance and user experience. The platform makes use of a private API gateway microservice architecture, with the backend consisting of mostly moleculerjs-based nodes and the frontend utilizing Nuxt and Vue. While there, I advocated for and realized higher quality code standards, a spectrum of new features, streamlined frontend development via custom tooling, unit tests, and workflows, as well as developed an enhanced the interview and onboarding processes for new developers — one that was eventually adopted by other lead members across the product team. Resilix and the HCS team pushed me to grow immensely as an engineer and leader.